Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Ahmedabad

About the Institute:

Regional Ayurveda Research Institute (RARI) is one of the functioning Research Unit of CCRAS, New Delhi in Gujarat State for undertaking, coordinating and promoting Research in Ayurveda. In the year 2007, Ayurveda Contraceptive Drug Research Institute (ACDRI), Ahmedabad was established by the amalgamation of 03 centers viz. RRI, Junagadh; DSR Project, Jamnagar and RSSCA unit of Ahmedabad. The Institute has conducted important Research projects in various disease conditions since inception. The Institute is renamed as RARISD (Notification issued by Council vide letter F.No.12-30/2009-CCRAS/Estt/Pt. 1/117 dated 12-04-2016).

Institute is presently housed in a rent free building allotted by State Government of Gujarat. Initially, the institute started its activities through various branches like OPD, Pharmacology & Survey of Medicinal plants etc. but presently, OPD is functioning with attached Dispensing section, Pharmacy, Laboratory for bio-chemical and pathological investigations, Panchakarma facility, Library etc. In addition, the Institute has been entrusted with Swasthya Rakshan Program (SRP) and Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Program under SCSP. Recently, the institute is allotted specific mandate for research on the management of skin disorders through Ayurveda.

Mandate of the Institute:

Institute is entrusted with Clinical Research on the management of Skin Disorders through Ayurveda in a scientific manner.

  • Plan to work on Kitibha (Psoriasis) and allergic skin diseases as part of Multicentric trial to be allotted by CCRAS as per the new mandate.
  • Institute is striving for excellence in the field of diagnosis, prevention and management of skin disorders through Ayurveda in a time bound and cost-effective manner.
  • Institute is planning to conduct Scientific Research Projects on skin disorders in collaboration with different AYUSH Systems, Dept. of Dermatology etc.

Special Programs currently undergoing in the Institute are as below:

1.    In Institute’s O.P.D. National Pharmacovigilance Programme for ASU Drugs Research Project is going on in the Institute since 2008 at OPD level. Geriatric Clinics are also conducted daily.

2.    Implementation of integration of AYUSH with NPCDCS Programme of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India has been initiated at District Surendranagar, Gujarat in collaboration with State NCD cell and Institute is entrusted to monitor the Program.

3.    Swasthya Rakshan Programme (SRP).

4.    Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Programme (AMHCP) under SCSP.

Activities and Achievements:

Rural Health Care Programme, Community Health Care Programme and Service Oriented Survey & Surveillance Programme have been conducted at RRI, Junagadh. Medico-Botanical Survey Section collected 3599 specimens; 3532 specimens were mounted and out of their 11077 mounted sheets, 10531 sheets were incorporated in the herbarium. Total 717 folk-medicinal claims of plants and plant parts have been collected from different areas of Gujarat State used among different tribes. Preliminary standardization work on 625 formulations and their ingredients from Ayurvedic Formulary of India Part I and Part II and 144 single drugs were completed at DSR project, Jamnagar. Drug standardization research work on 47 Ayurvedic formulations and 218 single drugs has been completed. Self-life period study on 95 formulations and 20 single drugs were carried out. Preliminary standardization of 46 formulations allotted under W.H.O. Medicare programme was completed. 25 formulations allotted for working out standards, identification of major alkaloids or any recognizable constituents etc. were studied.        

Under Clinical Research, Institute has taken up the studies on Hypertension, Urolithiasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bronchial Asthma, Psoriasis, Malaria, Hyperacidity, Leucorrhoea, Menorrhagia, Obesity, Dysentery, Diabetes Mellitus and Skin disorders etc.

In addition, Clinical research work on Pippalyadi Yoga (Herbal oral contraceptive agent), Vandhyavari (Long term contraceptive agent), Bala Rasayana (To increase immunity in children) and Ayush ghutti (To reduce morbidity & mortality in children) have also been carried out. Research Projects on Menopausal Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea and Diabetes Mellitus Type II under IMR Scheme have been completed. Documentation on reported episodes of treatment of vector borne diseases was also carried out.

Contact Details  

Dr. Kiran S. Deshbhratar, Research officer In-charge

Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Ahmedabad 

Block A & D, 2nd Floor, Bahumali Bhavan, Manjushree Mill Compound, Near Girdharnagar Over Bridge, Asarwa, Ahmedabad-380004
Phone : 079-22682155, Fax:079-22683065