Advanced Center for Ayurveda in Mental Health & Neurosciences, Bengaluru

About the Institute

Ayurvedic Research Unit was established in the year 1959 as a regular department under National Institute of Mental Health (Presently NIMHANS) on the recommendation of Dr. Udupa Committee and subsequently amalgamated with CCRIMH (presently CCRAS)in 1971 under the technical guidance of Director / Vice - chancellor, NIMHANS.

This Institute started functioning in the newly constructed own building from June 2002. The 'In-Patient' department started functioning from 11th August 2003. The In- Patient facilities consist of Two General Wards and Four Special Wards with bed strength of 30 patients supported with well equipped Two Panchakarma Therapy rooms.


1.    Clinical Research on Mental disorders

2.    Health Care Services through Out Patient Department (OPD) and In - Patient Department (IPD)

3.    Special Clinics for Geriatric Health Care and Mamsavata (Muscular Dystrophy)

4.    Outreach Activities such as Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Program (SCSP)


1.    Out Patient Department (OPD Service)

2.    In Patient Department (IPO Service)

3.    Comprehensive Panchakarma Therapy.

4.    Conducting IMR & EMR/ SCSP Research on Neuro Psychiatric disorders

IPD has two general wards separately one for male and one for female having 13 beds in each ward. Besides, four special wards are also available on payment basis. All Panchakarma interventions are being provided for male and female patients separately with nominal charges.



1. Conducted scientific and clinical studies in about 31 projects and 04 Collaborative studies with NIMHANS on Neuro Psychiatric disorders since inception.

2. Gujarat Ayurveda University has awarded this unit with Hari Om Gold Medal during 1975 and 1990 for two controlled clinical studies conducted at this centre

3. Organized two National seminars on 'Manasa-roga' in 2001 & 2010

4. Organized a national work shop to prepare road map for establishing a national institute on Manasa-roga in 2009

5. Organized pre congress work shop on the role of Ayurveda in Manasa-roga in World Ayurveda Congress in 2010

Contact details.

Dr. H.K. Gupta, Research Officer In-charge

Advanced Center for Ayurveda in Mental Health & Neurosciences, Bangalore

NIMHNS, Hosur Road, 

Phone: 080-26567546(O), 26995243(Direct)