YEAR 1992

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Page No.
Volume-13 No-1,2
Clinical evaluation of V.H.V. and Simhanadaguggulu in Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
P. Ramachandran Nair, N.P. Vijayan, P. Madhavikutty
1 to 13
Clinical evaluation of Prabhanjanavimardanam taila and Sodhana therapy in the management of Khanja (Monoplegia) and Pangu (Paraplegia)
P. Ramachandran Nair, N.P. Vijayan, P. Madhavikutty, K. Santhakumari
14 to 26
Effect of Kadugurohini (Picrorhiza Kurroa Royle) in the Treatment of Viral Hepatitis- a double blind study with placebo control
S. Rajalakshmi, G. Sivanandam, G. Veluchamy
27 to 34
A Study to evaluate the effect of a micro (Suksma) medicine from a Medhya Rasayana on intelligence of mentally retarded children using psychological and biochemical parameters
Ranjana Y. Bahang
35 to 47
Effects of Boerhaavia diffusa linn. extract on the activities of enzyme systems (1) in vitro study on amylase and cholinesterase activities
P. Goswami, T.C. Sharma
48 to 55
Study of antidiabetic effects of alcoholic extract of Ficus bengalensis (Linn.) on alloxan diabetic albino rats
Neera Singh, S.D. Tyagi, S.C. Agarwal
56 to 62
Subacute toxicity studies on vicolide B in Albino Rats
T. Susan, Muzaffer Alam, S. Joy
63 to 70
Standardisation of Siddha Compound Formulation – Attaticcuranam
A. Saraswathy, Sankari Rajagopal, Papa Veerapandian, K.K. Purushothaman
71 to 77
Mrtunjayarasavati in chronic sinusitis – A preliminary clinical study 
A.P. Dadhich, D.S. Vyas, N.K. Khanna
78 to 81
A Preliminary clinical trial of vata tvaka curna on Sveta- Pradara
B.N. Sannd, Mrs  Krishna Kumari
82 to 88
Study of the Antifertility effect of Nirgundi Vitex Negundo – A prelimienary Trial 
B. Lal, K.N. Upupa, V.K. Tripathi
89 to 93
Volume-13 No-3,4
A Clinical study of Medhya Rasayana Therapy in the Management of Convulsive Disorders
K.K. Dwivedi, R.H. Singh
97 to 106
Anti-Anxiety effect of an Ayurvedic Compound Drug – A Cross Over Tria
K. Kuppurajan, C. Seshadri, V. Rajagopalan, Kanchana Srinivasan, R. Sitaraman, Janaki Indurthi, S. Venkataraghavan
107 to 116
Management of Snake Bite Cases with Ayurvedic Drugs
P.K. Warrier, P.P.N. Bhattathiri, P. Radhakrishnan
117 to 125
Ardita – Bell's Palsy (Facial Paralysis) A Clinical Study
N.G.K. Pillai, T.V. Menon, K.S. Sethu, N.P. Vijayan, P.K.N. Namboodiri
126 to 134
Effect of Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. Extract on the Activities of Enzyme System (ii) in Vivo Study on Catalase and Adenosine Triphosphatase (AT Pase)
P. Goswami, T.C. Sarma
135 to 140
Evaluation of Efficacy of Makaradhvaja in Experimental Animals
Alok Singh, S.S. Shukla, D.K. Rai, G.P. Dubey
141 to 144
Survey and Surveillance Programme – A Rural Village 'Enkakkad' in Trichur District –  A Study Report
M.N.S. Namboodiri, N.G.K. Pillai, N. Jaya, P.K.N. Namboodiri
145 to 151
Standardisation of Amukkaraccuranam
A. Saraswathy, Sankari Rajagopal, S.S. Sukumar
152 to 158
Chemical Analysis of some Siddha Medicines used in Valigunmam 
A. Saraswathy, T. Susan, M. Girija Rani, S.S. Sukumar
159 to 163
Studies on chemistry of  Yasad Bhasma 
Rajesh Dixit, G.C. Shivahare
164 to 168
Study of Dadimadi Ghrat 
M.V. Dholakia, Y. R. Vachharajani, D.C. Shah, M.V. Bahadur, Subrata De
169 to 173
Clinical and Experimental Evaluation of  Endocrine Response of Herbal Drugs 
S.N. Tripathi, C.M. Tripathi 
174 to 178
Standardisation of Anu taila 
R.B. Saxena, H.C. Mehta, M.T. Daswani, K.L. Shah 
179 to 182