ANAR (Dadima - Punica granntum Linn.)

This is very nutritious fruit suitable for all & can be used in diet in any disease condition.

  • Indigestion: 10 ml juice of fruit, 1 gm black salt or fried Jeera (Cuminum cyminum L.) powder with honey or sugar to hold inside mouth for sometime before food.

  • Bleeding piles: 10 ml juice of fruit with sugar twice a day. Or 10 gm. powder of dry fruit rind with equal quantity of sugar twice a day.

  • Diahhoria/ Dysentery: 10 ml decoction of fruit rind thrice a day. Fruit may be eaten in plenty.

  • Hyper-acidity: 10 ml. juice of fruit twice a day. Even the fruit may be eaten.

  • Bad breath: Gargling with the warm decoction prepared from fruit rind 3-4 time a day.

  • Acne: Paste of seeds should be applied to affected part twice daily.