AMLA (Amalaki - Emblica officinalis Gaertn.)

  • For general health: Regular use of Amla provides nutrition and boosts good health.

  • Hyper Acidity/Peptic Ulcer/Constipation: 3-5 gm. powered fruit rind twice a day with milk. or 10-20 ml. fruit juice twice a day. Or 3-5 gm. powered fruit rind twice a day with milk (Even raw Amla can be eaten).

  • Stress: External application of 25-50 gm. of fruit rind ground in buttermilk on the forehead.

  • Diabetes: 10-20 ml fruit juice with 10-20 ml juice of fresh rhizome of Haldi (Curcuma longa L.) twice a day.

  • Graying of Hair/Hair fall/Dandruff: Fruit rind soaked overnight in water for application on scalp two hours before bath.Or paste prepared from fruit rind should be applied two hours before bath. 1-2 fresh fruits eaten every morning prevents hair fall & early graying.

  • Bleeding gums: Fine powder should be gently massaged to gums after brushing at least twice a day regularly.