Importance Of Vasti In Gynaecological Disorders

All those drugs or medicaments which are introduced through the rectum with the help of Basti are designated as Vasti. The Vasti is beneficial to the women having repeated abortion, short lived and weak children, who are delicate and indulge daily in coitus. Niroohavasti (decoction enema) is like nector to infertile women. Anuvasanavasti (oil enema) should be prescribed in the women having amenorrhea, scanty menstruation, anovulation or ovulation with minimal or absence of capacity of fertilization and in infertility. Use of Vasti in infertility due to predominance of Vatadosha is highly beneficial. The infertile women should be prescribed Vasti, Virechana and Niroohavasti for the conception and normal delivery.

Dr. Neelam Kumari Singh