Vayasthapana & Rasayana

Ayurveda the oldest science of life not only aims at management of the diseases but also aims at perpetuation of health of healthy people and to help them attain the Purushartha’s of life. To attain these objectives certain rules/principles of health care namely, daily regimens, seasonal regimens, rejuvenation therapy, panchakarma therapy etc. have been extensively described.

Akalaja jara, & Akalaja vali, phalita is of great concern in this competitive & cosmetic world respectively. Rasayana (rejuvenation) and Vayasthapana (delaying aging) happen to be the remedial solution.

Vayasthapana - Here, maintainance of youth is of prime concern and it is being told by Acharya Charaka. In the whole life span, a person attains maximum bala in tarunavastha and is able to give his best in the young age. It is desirable by all that their youth should remain for a longer period. Acharya Chakrapani defined Vayasthapana dravya as that which stabilizes the age in tarunavstha. Though there are very few scattered references of Vayasthapana, it has been explained in detail in terms of Rasayana.


Rasayana Tantra being one among the Astanga’s of Ayurveda, incorporates the qualities like Vayahsthaapana, Ayushkara (increasing one’s life span), Medhakara (increasing intellectual power) and Balakara (increasing the physical power). Along with these preventive techniques, it has the power of Roga apaharana saamarthya (capacity to cure diseases) also.

Dr. Sudhakar D. & Dr. Thejaswini C.