Taking care of eyes with Ayurveda

Ten best ways to protect your vision

Among all sense organs eye has been given prime importance due to its function. One can protect eyes from environmental pollution, allergy, early vision loss, blurred vision, dryness of eyes, redness, watering, through these following ten measures:-

1.      Use of Triphala Kashaya (decoction of Triphala) or Triphala Churna (Triphala powder) with honey or ghee is beneficial for eyes.

2.      Use of Triphala Churna with Ghee in Pittaja eye diseases, with sesame oil in vataja eye diseases and with honey in kaphaja eye diseases is advocated.

3.      Doing eye wash regularly with Triphala kashaya (decoction of Triphala) from the beginning will destroy all eye diseases and protect eyes.

4.      Doing eye wash after filling mouth full of water daily in the morning will prevent eye diseases.

5.      Massage of eyes with wet palm immediately after having food will protect vision from harmful effects.

6.      One should neither induce natural urges forcefully nor suppress (suppression of tears, vomiting etc.) as it may lead to grave full eye diseases.

7.      Pouring warm water over body bestows strength, but the same overhead, makes for loss of strength of hairs and eyes.

8.      It is good to apply Anjana (Collyrium), use of Nasya (Infiltration of Medicines though Nostrils) daily as a routine regimen to protect eyes and to drain out excess Kapha from the eyes as eye can be easily afflicted with diseases.

9.      One should regularly consume Triphala, Ghee, Barley, Wheat, Shastika shali (old rice), Saidhava Lavana, Draksha, Dadima (pomegranate), use of Shatavari (Asparagus officinalis), Green Gram doing Padabhyanga (oil massage of foot), use of foot ware and application of medicated Lepa (paste) to the Pada (foot) to protect vision.

One should avoid over eating, anger, grief, sleeping in day time, or awakening in night and eating food which vitiates vata dosha.

Dr. Bhavya B.M.