Seasonal Regimen

Regimen for Hemant (Early Winter)

Months- Margshirsh and Pausha (Mid November - Mid January) for Hemant


  • Unctuous, sweet, sour and salty taste food, meat, heavy nutritious diet and new grains.
  • Milk and milk products,
  • Honey and luke warm water consumption
  • Massage, fomentation, -
  • Live in inner heated house, wear heavy and warm cloths


  • Light food and drinks
  • Starvation, fasting
  • Exposure to cold wave


Regimen for Shishir (Late Winter)

Months- Maagh and Phalgun (About Mid January to Mid March)


-Unctuous, Sweet, sour taste diet

-Honey, milk, milk products, sugarcane products, ghee.

-Oil massage, Sudation

- Exercise

-Hot water bath


  • Much Spicy, Bitter, Astringent taste diet
  • Light and cold food and water, fasting
  • Living in cold environment, much travelling


Regimen for Basant (Spring)

            Months- Chaitra and Baishakh (About Mid March-Mid May)


  • Consumption of barley, old wheat, honey, roasted meat and luke warm water
  • Beverages such as Asava (fermented preparations), Sidhu (fermented sugarcane juice)
  • Emesis (Vaman),  Nasya (medicated liquid inhalation), Physical exercise, Dry massage should be done.
  • Heavy, sour, sweet, unctuous food
  • Sleeping in day time


Regimen for Grisma (Summer)

     Months- Jyesth and Aasadha(About Mid-May to Mid July)


  • Sweet, cold, unctuous, light, liquid food 
  • Beverages with sugar.
  • Consumption of milk and cold water
  • Sleep in day time at a cool place
  • Morning walk
  • Sour , salty, spicy food
  • Excess Exercise, intercourse
  • Excess exposure to sun.


Regimen for Varsha (Rainy season)

Months- Shraavan and Bhadrapad (Mid July to Mid September


  • Consumption of honey along with food and drinks
  • Sour, salty, fatty food
  • Old cereals, barley, wheat, rice, meat of arid animals, vegetable soup
  • Consumption of boiled cool water
  • Oil massage
  • Asava and Arishta ((fermented preparation)
  • Wear light and clean apparels
  • Live in a place devoid of humidity


  • Cold water
  • Sleeping in day
  • Excessive exercises
  • Excessive intercourse


Regimen for Sarad (Autumn)

Months- Ashvin and Kaartik (About Mid September to Mid November)


  • Sweet, sour, light, cold and bitter food and drinks
  • Cereals like wheat, rice, barley , Amalaki,
  • Ghee medicated with bitter herbs
  • Water exposed to the sunlight for whole day and to the moonlight in night in this season is called as 'HANSODAK' and this water should be used for drinking, bathing and swimming
  • Purgation,


  • Oil , meat of aquatic and marshy animals
  • alkaline salt preparations, curd 
  • Sun bath, Sleeping during day time
  • Exposure to easterly wind and frost