Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Nagpur

About the Institute

This Institute is situated in the center of India at Nagpur. The institute was established as Regional Research Center (Ayurveda) on first July 1972, with Survey of Medicinal Plants Unit (SMPU) and Mobile Clinical Research Unit (MCRU). Afterwards this center has been upgraded as Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda) in the year 1999 and working with SMPU, THCRP and Clinical research at OPD and IPD level. Later this Institute is shifted to own building with the premises of approximately 7000 Sq.Mt.. Recently on 22nd Dec 2020 this institute is renamed as ‘Regional Ayurveda Research Institute’.


This Institute is mainly focused on Clinical Research and conducting various projects on diseases with following objectives.

1.     Validation of Ayurvedic treatment in Mother and Child health care.

2.     Development of Clinical Research models based on Ayurvdic principles and treatment in mother and child health.

3.     Contribution of Ayurvedic treatment  in National Health  policy of Mother and Child health. 

4.     Validation and Propagation of Ayurvedic treatment principal in Mother and child health care.  


            Since inception 19 clinical project and 2 collaborative clinical projects were successfully completed. Among those Swasa (Bronchial Asthama), Postmenopausal syndrome, Dysmenorrhoea (Kashtaretava), Type-II diabetes (Madhumeha), Osteo arthritis (sandhi vata) were recently completed clinical research projects. The ongoing clinical projects are totally five among those THCRP (Tribal Health Care Research Project), SCSP (SC Special Plan), SRP (Swasthya Raksha Programme) and 2 clinical projects on Kasa (bronchitis) recently completed. Further this Institute is having the regular OPDs for general, geriatric and clinical research projects. Regularly performing the Parasurgical procedures like Jalaukacharana and Ksharasutra application in Ano rectal diseases etc. in well equipped Minor operation theatre. Further having the 16 beds IPD for male and female with well equipped Panchakarma theatres.


Since inception in this institute OPD 4,91,092 patients were examined and treated. Similarly under THCRP clinical programme 121 villages and 75171 populations are covered along with 22147 patients were treated, 72 folk claims collected since 2010 under this project.  Further this Institute conducted two National seminar, two CME programmes, one ROTP and five National campaigns at Chhattisgarh state. Institute participated in two national and two state level Arogya exhibition and organized a stall on behalf of Council. Since inception 90 research papers, 2 Monographs published.


Contact Details

Regional Ayurveda Research Institute

Near Gharkul Parisar, Near Venkatesh Nagar, NIT Complex

Nandanwan, Nagpur – 440009 (Maharashtra)

Phone No. 0712-2714230

Fax No. 0712-2714685

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