Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Itanagar

About the Institute

Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh was established in 1979. The institute engages with the Outpatient Department (OPD) and the Survey of Medicinal Plants Unit (SMPU). The institute serves OPD services with a well equipped biochemistry and pathological laboratory. The OPD services started in 1980 and presently offer treatment for different ailments focusing on non-communicable diseases. In addition, the institute undertakes various clinical projects to evaluate the efficacy of Ayurvedic formulations in various disease conditions in patients seeking Ayurveda treatment. Apart from this, the SMPU section focuses on conducting of Medico Ethno Botanical surveys (MEBS) and documenting the Local Health Traditions (LHT’s) and Ethno Medico Practices (EMP’s) of tribal communities of the North-East region. This institute has a Medicinal Plants Garden developed in approximately 15 acres of land to cultivate and conserve medicinal plants of Ayurvedic importance


  • Clinical Research
  • Research oriented public Health care services through Ayurvedic Health Centers in Arunachal Pradesh under North East Health Care Program, an outreach activity of CCRAS.
  • Medico-Ethno Botanical Research
  • Demonstrative medicinal plant garden
  • Any other assignment of National importance related to Research and Development in Ayurveda


  • Providing health care facilities to the patients through OPD.
  • Undertaken clinical trials for disease profiling among patients seeking Ayurveda treatment.
  • Conducting Medico Ethno Botanical Surveys and documenting LHT’s and EMP’s of tribal communities.
  • Collecting and supplying taxonomically authenticated crude drugs to CCRAS peripheral institutes for research.
  • Collection and conservation of important medicinal plants.
  • Cultivation of economically important medicinal plants and supply to CCRAS peripheral institutes for research and preparation of Ayurvedic formulations.



  • Healthcare services have been provided through OPD since 1980, and 4,81,518 patients have been consulted and availed of free Ayurvedic medicines. Along with this, 1,23,033 patients took treatment from Ayurvedic Health Care centers under North East Health Care Program (Up to March, 2022).
  • Completed various clinical projects, including outreach programs like Swasthya Raksha Programme (SRP), Tribal Health Care Research Programme (THCRP) etc.
  • The SMPU section surveyed all the North-Eastern states and some parts of West Bengal and Bihar to document the Medico Ethno Botanical claims from the aboriginal tribes.
  • From the survey, approximately 711 folk claims were reported, 659 crude drug samples were preserved in the museum, and 7147 plant herbarium specimens were accessioned and deposited in the internationally recognized herbarium (ARRI) of RARI, Itanagar.
  • In Medicinal Plants Garden, 175 medicinal plant species are conserved in approximately 15 acres of land and completed various projects, including Medico Ethno Botanical surveys and cultivation of medicinal plants.


Contact Details

Regional Ayurveda Research Institute,

Near Mithun Gate, Itanagar-791111,

Arunachal Pradesh,

Phone: 0360-2212284 (O)