Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Patna

About the Institute

Ayurveda Regional Research Institute, Patna was established in the year May 1979 and is engaged with the focused mandate on clinical Researches. The Institute provides research oriented health care services through general OPD, Geriatric clinic and is equipped with ksharsutra department and Bio-chemical and Pathological laboratory investigations to cater to the health care services of the people.



Clinical research focusing on infectious diseases.


·      Health care services through Out Patient Department (OPD)

·      Special Clinics for Geriatric Health Care

·    Outreach Activities such as Tribal Health Care Research, Swasthya Raksha Programme, Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Schedule Caste Sub-plan(SCSP), NPCDCS Programme, Gaya (18 PHCs/CHCs).



The health care services to the people of Bihar under Community Health Care Programme (C.H.C.P.), Mobile clinical Research Unit (M.C.R.U.) and Pharmaco-vigilance programme. Recently clinical research studies on Essential Hypertension, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Dry Eye Syndrome were completed and research outcomes are under publication. Tribal Health Care Research Project (THCRP), National Programme For Prevention and Control of Cancer (NPCDCS), Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke in 18 PHC’s/CHC’s in District-Gaya, Bihar, Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Schedule Castes Sub-plan (SCSP) and Swasthya Raksha Programme (SRP) Project has been started. Recently on 15 PHC’s in seven districts of Bihar Anaemia control programme was successfully organised. Institute conducted training programme on Ksharsutra and Panchkarma for Ayush specialists (Ayurveda) in collaboration with State Health Society, Bihar with this institute. Collaborative Research work with Sreedhareeyam eye hospital, Kerala and Tele Ayush Ophthalmology programme providing eye care facility through Ayurveda to the patients were successfully carried out and also study on Osteo-arthritis through CCRAS-AVS Panchkarma treatment & Research facility was successfully carried out. Institute also conducted national campaign programme on Anaemia control/ ksharsutra/ Geriatrics/ Chronic disorders/ Mother and child health care in Patna and seven other districts of Bihar.

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Regional Ayurveda Research Institute 

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