Central Ayurveda Research Institute, Guwahati

About the Institute

 The Institute was initially started with a Unit of Survey of Medicinal Plants and Clinical Research in the year 1971 and it was upgraded to Regional Research Institute in 1979. Further it was renamed as North Eastern India Ayurveda Research Institute in the year 2009 and subsequently it was again renamed as Regional Ayurveda Research Institute for Gastro-Intestinal Disorder. The Institute has its own Land and Building. The Institute was renamed as Central Ayurveda Research Institute with reference to the Letter vide. F.No.12-39/2015-CCRAS/Estt.4788, on 22nd Dec 2020.



1.     Clinical Research focusing on Skin Disorders, GIT Disorders.

2.     Medico-Ethno-Botanical Survey.

Other activities:

1.     Health care services through Out Patient Department (OPD).

2.     Tribal Health Care Research Programme (TSP).

3.     Special clinics for Geriatric Health Care.

4.     Panchakarma Therapy.

5.     Outreach Activities such as Swasthya Rakshan Programme, Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Programme under SC sub plan (SCSP) etc.


            In addition to above activities the Institute has also been conducting various Inter Mural Research (IMR), Inter Mural Clinical Research Project(IMCRP) on the selected diseases such as-

1.     Clinical Evaluation of Nisha Amlaki and Chandraprabha Vati in the management of Type-II diabetes mellitus (Madhumeha).

2.     Clinical Evaluation of Vatari Guggulu, Hingwastak Churna and Br. Sandhyavadya Taila in the management of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

3.     Clinical Evaluation of Yograj Guggulu, Gandharvahasta Taila and Dhanvantari Taila in the management of Osteoarthritis.

4.     Documentation of Folk healers and Folk claims in the state of Assam and Development of Database.

5.     Development of Raw Drug Museum on Pratinidhi dravyas along with adulterants used against medicinal plants in Ayurveda system.

6.     Development of Data Bank on Ethno-botanical Research and Cross Cultural study of Sociology of reproductive health care of Tribal Societies involving medicinal plants across North East India (DDBEB).

7.     Further, the Institute has conducted Clinical Research on Medoroga, Mutrasmari, Grahani, Visama Jwara etc.

8.     Literary Research on Medical Manuscript Project (MMP).



Ø  The total number of Patients treated through OPD more than 1.2 Lakh as on 29th June, 2016,   

Ø  Under the Tribal Health Care Research Project- 62 nos villages with 70,866 population covered as on 29th June, 2016,

Ø  Under the SRP(Initiated from Dec, 2015)- 5 nos villages (Two completed and three continue) with 5470 population covered as on 29th June, 2016,

Ø  Under the SCSP (Initiated from Dec, 2015) 5 nos villages (Three completed and two continue) with 2626 population covered as on 29th June, 2016,

Ø  Under survey of medicinal plant programme more than 6,040 medicinal plants specimens have been preserved in the herbarium along with 350 museum specimens as on 29th June, 2016,

Ø  Under Medico-Ethno-Botanical Survey programme and Tribal Health Care Research Project more than 500 folklore claims have been collected and documented in prescribed format as on 29th June, 2016,

Ø  This Institute has published more than 50 research papers and one monograph on Tribal Health Care Research as on 29th June, 2016,

Ø  Most of the Forest Division in five states of North Eastern India have surveyed as on 29th June, 2016.


Contact details:

Dr. (Mrs.) Tapashi Borah Assistant Director-In-charge

Central Ayurveda Research Institute  

Borsojai, Beltola, Guwahati-781028.

Phone No.  0361-2303714

Mobile No. 09435548209

Fax No. 0361-2303714

Email addr: neiari-guwahati@gov.in / neiari.guwahati@gmail.com