Regional Ayurveda Research Institute, Lucknow

About the Institute:

            The institute was established as ”Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda)“ on February 19, 1981 as peripheral unit under the Central Council For Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) and started functioning along with the facilities of OPD, IPD and Mobile Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) Pathology and Bio chemistry Laboratory at Lucknow. The institute was upgraded and renamed as “Central Research Institute (Ayurveda)” on February 1997 by merging various units. The institute was again renamed as “National Veterinary Ayurveda Research Institute & Hospital” on 10th October 2009 by CCRAS. Moreover, at present the institute has got a new name on 12.04.2016 as “Regional Ayurveda Research Institute for Eye Diseases” with specific mandate. The Institute was further renamed as Regional Ayurveda Research Institute in Dec 2020.


Clinical research on lifestyle related and Non-communicable disorders focusing on Eye Diseases .

Other Activities:

·       Health care services through Out-door Department (OPD)

·       Special clinics for Geriatric Health care

·       Outreach Activities such as “ Swasthya Raksha Programme” etc.



1.     This institute is having three CCRAS-IMR Projects on Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis), Mutrasmari (Urolithiasis), Madhumeha (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus) and two projects are yet to start like, Sandhigata Vata (Osteoarthritis knee) and Arsha (Haemorrhoids).

2.     The institute has taken initiative along with its mandate, to develop Panchakarma therapy in OPD like Snehan, Swedana, Nasaya and Dhara like procedures and Ksharsutra therapy for Ano-rectal diseases like piles, fistula etc.

3.     In our own Mini Pharmacy, initiations have been taken for preparation of different types of medicines eg. Nisha Amalaki, Nirgundi Taila etc. Further, initiative has been taken to develop different eye drops and other eye applications/ ointments etc. in the pharmacy along with proposed to R & D standard setup.

4.      Apart from this, the institute has conducted various Health Camps in and around of Lucknow from time to time with Research avenues in Health Sector under Swasthya Raksha Programme & Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Programme like Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) etc.


1Important trial studies were conducted since inception on Arsha (Piles), Gridhrasi (Sciatica), Medoroga (Obesity), Manodvega (Anxiety Neurosis), Kamala (Infective Hepatitis), Pandu (Anaemia), and Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis) etc. by the institute .

2. Several articles had been published by the institute in different national and international Journals.

3. Institute was organized/participated/attended several seminars/workshops/conferences/Arogya mela/health camps in different parts of state.

4. CCRAS – IMR projects on “Documentation of Local Health Traditions for the Treatment of Livestock Diseases in Allahabad and Sitapur Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India”; “Documentation of Local Health Traditions for the Treatment of Livestock Diseases in Raebarelli and Unnao Districts of Uttar Pradesh, India” along with project on “Development of poly herbal formulation for augmenting milk production in healthy dairy cows” have been successfully completed by the institute.

Contact Details


Regional Ayurveda Research Institute

INS-106, Sector-25, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016

Telefax – 0522 2717801

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