Regional Ayurveda Research Centre, Dimapur, Nagaland

About the Institute

Regional Ayurveda Research Centre is a new centre set up by CCRAS in the year 2019.


Health Care Services through Out Patient Department (OPD).

Objective and scope of MoU

To promote collaborative programme in the field of Ayurveda by setting up Herbal Ayurveda Research Centre including a pharmacy at lumami campus and expansion of its branches at other places like Dimapur and also to explore and identify cost effective Ayurveda drugs as well as traditional medicines in the form of folklore claims.

To provide health care services to the community and to provide related information to the academics and others for which Nagaland University shall provide the necessary required infrastructure facilities and logistic support.


Field of Collaboration:

A.    CCRAS shall execute the research projects in collaboration with Nagaland University.

B.    CCRAS shall help by providing requisite information, guidelines and technology.

C.    Nagaland University shall inform CCRAS about the developments, research status as final results, CCRAS shall have the right to publish as joint project of CCRAS and Nagaland University.

D.    CCRAS and NU shall jointly conduct the survey of medicinal plants in the territory of Nagaland State and design for the programme as may be decided through a Joint Working Group.

E.    Documentation of traditional health practices shall be carried out jointly by CCRAS and NU through an extensive survey and the claims collected therin shall be scrutinized by Joint Working Group and process accordingly.

F.     Health care services will be made available at Research Centre.  


Activities and Achievements:

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Director General, CCRAS and the Registrar, Nagaland University, Hqrs. Lumami, Nagaland on dated 23.09.2016 for extension of the centre for another 5 (five) years in the presence of Shri. Ranjit Kumar, Joint Secretary, M/o Ayush, Govt. of India, Shri. Anshuman Sharma, Deputy Secretary, M/o, Govt. of India and Shri. Prof. Jamir, Vice-Chancellor, I/c, Nagaland University, Hqrs. Lumami, Nagaland. 


Till date, 05 IMR Project Proposals have been submitted to the Hqrs for sanction. 

IMR Project Proposals submitted by the officer:



Name of the officer who submitted the IMR Project Proposals

                         Title of the Project

 Date of  Submission


Dr.Balaji Potbhare

 R.O (Ay) I/c

Ayurved in Buddhist Darshan. A Comparative Analysis of Buddhist and Ayurved Darshan.

05.03.3012 & 23.07.2013


Dr.Balaji Potbhare

 R.O (Ay) I/c

Documentation of Local Health Traditions of Nagaland.



Dr.Balaji Potbhare

 R.O (Ay) I/c

Translation of Bheshajmanjusha from Pali to Hindi/English/Regional languages



Dr.Balaji Potbhare

 R.O (Ay) I/c

Retrospective and Conceptual study of various Darshan Shastras and their influence on Ayurveda



Publication/Research Papers/articles:-

Published around 15 research papers in the national and international journal.


Collaborative studies taken by the Institute:      


The Centre has submitted Intra Mural Research Project Proposal entitled “Documentation of Local Health Traditions of Nagaland” in collaboration with Dept. of Botany, Nagaland University, Lumami, Nagaland.


Arranged Health Check-Up Camps in the nearby villages.


Participated Arogya/Mela/Exhibition/Camp/Other:-

Sl. No

Name of mela /Exhibition/Camp

Organizer or Participation

Duration & Place

Inaugurated by






Road Show


13th Nov to 14th Nov, 09 at Zunheboto (Nagaland)

Hon’b Chief Minister of Nagaland

1. Display of Charts, Photograph,.

2. Publications of CCRAS.

3. Distribution of publicity materials.



Contact details

Dr. Vilas Gangurde, Research Officer in-charge,

Regional Ayurveda Research Centre,

CMO Building, 1st Floor, District Hospital Colony

Dimapur, Nagaland.

Pin. 797112.

Ph. 03862-, /Mob. 07874629760 

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