Central Ayurveda Research Institute, Bhubaneswar

Background of the Institute

Central Ayurveda Research Institute, Bhubaneswar was established in 1979 by upgrading the erstwhile Regional Research Institute (Ayurveda) which was established in 1972 by amalgamating MCRU Bhubaneswar, SMPU Bolangir and CRU Puri. Consequent upon re-organisation of CCRAS’s field units, the Central Research Institute (Ayurveda), Bhubaneswar has been upgraded as National Research Institute of Ayurvedic Drug Development (NRIADD), Bhubaneswar during 2009. Further, the name National Research Institute of Ayurvedic Drug Development (NRIADD) had been changed to Central Ayurveda Research Institute for Hepatobiliary Disorders (CARIHD) and it has been further renamed as Central Ayurveda Research Institute. Presently, the Institute is functioning in its own building since February-2012 on a land of 3 acres.


Clinical research focusing on Hepatobiliary disorders.

Other activities:

·    Health Care service through Out-Patient Department(OPD) and In-Patient Department(IPD)

·    Tribal Health Care Research

·    Special Clinics for Geriatric Health Care

·    Special facility for Panchakarma and Ksharasutra

·    Outreach Activities such as Swasthya Rakshan Programme etc.


This Institute has an indoor facility with 50 bed capacity for male and female patients separately, OPD, dispensary, Kshara Sutra clinic, Panchakarma Unit, Leech therapy clinic, Clinical Laboratory, mini pharmacy and demonstrative Herbal garden.

Activities and Achievements:


  • Ongoing research projects/programme:-

i.   IMR projects on “Clinical Evaluation of Vyoshadhi Guggulu and Panchasama churna in Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis)”

ii. “Clinical Evaluation of Mamajjaka Ghana Vati in the management of Madhumeha (Type-II Diabetes Mellitus)”.

iii.  Tribal Health Care Research Project (covering Odisha State).

iv.  Swasthya Rakshan Programme.

v.   Ayurveda Mobile Health Care programme under Scheduled Caste sub-plan.

Besides above, Hindi Pakhwada, Vigilance Awareness Week, Cancer Awareness Programme, Swachha Bharat Mission activities are also being observed in the institute.


Some of Major Achievement during last 5 years

1.     91329 nos. of  patients are treated in OPD level

2.     1798 nos of patients are treated in IPD level 

Five nos. of clinical research projects have been successfully completed viz. Type II Diabetes, Iron deficiency Anaemia, Brahma Rasayan and three numbers of projects on Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Speciality clinics:

1)       Ksharasutra therapy available for piles, fistula, fissure-in-ano and other Ano-rectal diseases. A total of 5491 patients were attended in the Kshara Sutra clinic during the last 2 years. Among them 2274 patients were Bhagandar, 1496 patients were Parikartika, 1399 were Arsha and 322 were treated for other Ano-rectal disorders.

2)      32869 Panchakarma procures provided to both the IPD & OPD patients for various ailments like Sandhivata, Shirashoola, Amavata, Pakshaghata etc.

3)      Leech Therapy available for different kinds of skins diseases viz. Eczema, Psoriasis, Vascular diseases, Leucoderma etc. 


Contact details

Address: Central Ayurveda Research Institute

Bharatpur, Near Kalinga Studio, Bhubaneswar-751029, Dist- Khorda, Odisha.  

Phone /Fax no: 0674-2387702 ,EPBX-200

E mail: nriadd-bhubaneswar@gov.in