Central Ayurveda Research Institute, New Delhi

About the Institute

                  Central Ayurveda Research Institute was established in 1979 and functions under Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. The mandate of this Institute is clinical research in the field of Ayurveda. Institute caters to health care facilities of general public besides conducting clinical research trials on various disease conditions of priority areas of the country. 

                  The Scientific Research and Clinical services are being carried out through various specialty clinical units/sections. The Institute is a 50 bedded hospital with well-equipped Panchkarma section, Ksharsutra Chikitsa section (Ano-rectal unit), Leech Chikitsa section and Laboratory for Pathological and Biochemical Investigations.



Clinical research on lifestyle related and Non-communicable disorders focussing on other Cardiovascular Diseases.


·       Health care services through Out-Patient Department (OPD) and In-Patient Departments (IPDs)

·       Special facility for Ksharsutra & Panchakarma.

·       Special Clinic for Geriatric Health Care.

·       Other Activities assigned from time to time.

·       Training Center for Clinical Research and Para-medical Subject.

·       Outreach Activities such as Svasthya Rakshan Programme etc.

·       Clinical Research 


A. Collaborative Projects :

o   AYUSH-QOL 2C on Breast cancer with Cancer Department AIIMS, New Delhi.

o   AYUSH Rasayan (A & B) on ageing in apparently healthy elderly subjects with Geriatric Department AIIMS, New Delhi

o   C1 Herbal Oil on wound healing - Surgery department at AIIMS, New Delhi.


B. Intra Mural Research Projects :

o   Study of Mahatriphadighrit and Anu Tail in Computer Vision Syndrome.

o   Study of Saptakshar Kashaya and Saraswatarisht in Dysmenorrhea.


C. Action Plan :

o   Automation of Ksharasutra preparation and comparative Clinical Evaluation of Ksharasutra prepared manually and by automated machine in Fistula-in-Ano.

o  Clinical Evaluation of Yogaraj Guggulu, Gandharvahasta Taila and Dhanwantara Taila in the management of Osteoarthritis Knee.

o   Ayurveda Mobile Health Care Programme under Schedule Caste Sub-Plan.

o   Swasthya Rakshan programme through Mobile Health Services.



o   Fistula cutting time with Ksharasutra

o   Changes in serum lipid profile in patients undergoing snehapana.

o   Sirodhara with Amalaki Kwatha in Anxiety Neurosis.

o   Changes in Serum Electrolyte levels after Virechanakarma with Eranda taila.

o   Sankara Sweda with Kolkultthadi churna in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

o   Effect of vachadi upanaha in Osteoarthritis knee.


E. National Pharmacovigilance Programme of ASU drugs.


                  In last five years clinical research studies on Kastartava (Dysmenorrhea), Osteoarthritis (Sandhivata), Allergic Conjunctivitis, Dry Eye Syndrome (Sushkakshipaka), Essential Hypertension (Uchcha Raktachapa), Arsha (Haemorrhoids), Rhematoid Arthritis (Amvata), Kitibha (Psoriasis), Iron Deficiency Anaemia,  Type-II  Diabetes Mellitus (Madhumeha), collaborative studies with AIIMS on Vamana Standardization, AYUSH QOL 2C for Breast-Cancer and AYUSH MANAS for mental retardation at DR. R.M.L. hospital have been successfully completed.

Contact details

Central Ayurveda Research Institute,

Road No.66, Punjabi Bagh(West)

New Delhi – 110 026

Telephone : 011-25221059

Fax No. : 011 - 25225546

Email : acri-delhi@gov.in